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Teaching the Joy of Dance!

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Colorado School of Dance believes every child should be able to dance.  Our studio began in 2002, in a one-room studio, by the Tuska Family.  Today, we own our 10,000 state-of-art facility so our dance family can thrive in all things dance!  We are a local, Parker Family with a vision to LEARN, INSPIRE, CREATE  and PERFORM.  After 21 years in business, it is still all about helping each child find their joy in dance! 

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Director Tuska is the founder and owner of Colorado School of Dance and has served Parker for 25+ years.  Tuska has been involved in dance her entire life, and today is a leading consultant in the dance industry.   She received her Dance Teaching Certification from Ohio University, and a B.A. from Wright State University.  She is best known to the students as "Miss Lisa," and believes every dancer deserves a home studio to dance...and to LEARN, CREATE, INSPIRE & PERFORM.  She is blessed by the collective efforts of her  longtime team, her husband of 26 years and her 3 children who often are seen helping around the studio.


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