Delay and Closure Policy

Colorado School of Dance takes a proactive approach to events which may affect the safety of students or staff and the proper functioning of the studio.


With inclement weather, we will use guidance by local weather alerts for Parker, CO.  The safety of students and staff will be the guiding principle in decisions regarding school closures and delays.

For the most accurate and up-to-date studio closure or delayed start schedule information, please call the voicemail at 303-841-7233 or check the website.

Please note, because weather in Colorado changes so rapidly, we will not always close if area schools are closed.  If weather affects us to close early, we will text, email and call classes affected.  This is rare.

Delays are rare, as most of our classes begin at 10am, well after a regular school delay.


CDC Guidelines

Click here for the most current CDC Guidelines in reference to COVID-19.  Thank you.

Mask Recommended

Updated 2/2/2022.

We appreciate everyone's patience these past 18 months.  It looks like TCH will drop the mask mandate by the end of the week, and we can get back to normalcy again.  Our teachers are still masking up currently, and we only recommend adults to mask up when indoors for parent watch week.  Thank you.

Zoom In

Dancers can zoom in if in quarantine or under the weather.  Go to the portal for zoom. Call the front desk at 303-841-7233, if you need assistance or the zoom password.

Other Illness Policies

Please refrain from coming to the studio with symptoms of flu or COVID-19.  If you have had a fever or vomited, the policy is to not return until 24 hour fever free.  Thank you.

Parents & Guests

Updated 2/2/2022.

CSD welcomes parents and guests in the shop/office, however, our lobbies and classrooms are reserved only for our students and teachers at this time.  Parent(s) may zoom in to see their child in class anytime, and are invited to classes the week of Feb 7th.  Thank you.