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Founder & Executive Director
Lisa Tuska

A Letter About Our History

Welcome to Colorado School of Dance!
A little about me, and how we got started...
Starting at 6 yrs old, life changed forever as a child that loved to MOVE! My first years of dance were in a church with pews as our barres.  From their my story flourished and I often attribute my “non-studio” upbringing to exactly why most think Colorado School of Dance is run more like a successful business in a well-run setting.   Add nurturing teachers, positive reinforcement and a family environment, and you now have CSD – our forever home for students staring at age 2 to graduating at 18.
I continued to dance and teach through college while earning my Dance Teacher Certification from Ohio University and later graduating with my B.A.  I found my life as a dancer was driven to teach, so I opened my first dance studio in rural Ohio.  It became a bustling community center of 400+ dancers and the Town enjoyed the annual Nutcracker Ballet at the Murphy Theatre, in Wilmington, OH.  This was also about the time I met my husband.   When his career took him to Denver, CO, we married, I sold my studio, and we purchased our first home in Parker, CO.
After working years for the Town of Parker, in leading their cultural and youth programming and beginning their first dance program, I began looking for a dance school for my own three young children. I’m picky, so I wanted proper technique and healthy, well-balanced dance training, not full on competition dance.  Coming from the east, and not finding the program I hoped for with the traditional arts of ballet, jazz and tap, I decided it was time to start my dream venture called Colorado School of Dance.
I started CSD in summer of 2002.  Two of my original employees (and three of my original students) are still with me today, and together, we built something beautiful!  Over the years we have worked amazingly hard to produce what today is the “Best of the Best 2020” Dance Studio in Parker, CO. 
We are known as one of the only studios in the state to offer a diverse offering to dancers, from non-competitive programs in every genre to a full on ballet company (Colorado Youth Ballet Company) and to produce the annual Nutcracker of Parker in partnership with our Town.  And while we do HAVE a successful competition team as well, we no longer allow folks to stay if trying to create a competitive environment within our studio walls.  While our students have national titles as champions, that is due to the high-level technique and spot on vision to teach the best to our students.  Clients are paying us, and they deserve the best!  And with a winning philosophy to include FUN, EDUCATIONAL & SAFE, we know our students opportunities here are limitless. Our students learn to win and lose, and always do it humbly and with kindness.  Just come watch us at an event, and notice our students standing and clapping for others.  It’s just what we do.
CSD is our home, and I open the door to you and welcome you to join what I know as the absolute best in dance training in the state of Colorado.  People drive as far as 70 miles to take classes with us each week.  Just ask me about my students (and my own children) now as grown, successful individuals.  The truth to our success is often in the grown up testimonies of our students!
Today, I own my own building and operate Colorado School of Dance with the same mission I began it.  I love seeing my students develop into amazing humans, that possess good character, discipline and above all, love for the arts and for others. Together, we make this place our dance home, and our community. 

Lisa Tuska

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