The Technique Class

Technique is the method  of executing the steps with detailed precision, alignment and placement.  Some schools specifically label their classes as "technique" classes which is what serious dancers seek, rather than just classes working on a dance routine and holding rehearsal.  Rehearsal should be separate from technique class.

Performing Opportunities

A strong program will provide ample opportunities for their dancers, including classical ballet, such as Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty, along with guest choreographers.  More serious dancers will compete,   and combine the convention setting.  This gives the more serious student an edge in versility and styles.  

Summer Programs

A reputable dance school will encourage their dancers to take at out-of-state dance intensives, exposing them to numerous instructors and giving them valuable world experience in dance.  Audition notices are given every November in preparation for dancers to audition for reputable programs like Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest and American Ballet Theatre, etc.  

Credibility & Fun!

A dance school's credibility is often seen in their alumni students -- look for a program where the students have gotten into strong summer intensives and have been accepted into university programs.  Parents should also ensure their is a testing or exam process so your dancer has credibility in moving through the levels and gaining the maximum benefit of a truthful evaluation process.  This is the most important tip of all -- HAVE FUN!