Dance Exam Schedule

Dance exams are held during regular classes, with exception of Ballet Levels 1b-6a AND Jazz 2b-4a.

Please mark your calendar and have your dancer there the day of exams to ensure they have the opportunity to pass up in level.  There is no charge for the exam class, as we consider it a make-up class from throughout the year.  We are unable to do private exams -- as we are bringing together all teachers for this event.  Thank you. 

Why Dance Exams?

We want to offer our clients accountability and value to their investment in dance training.  Dance assessments are conducted each spring so you can be sure your dancer is getting the training that will qualify them as a CSD Dancer. 

Exam Results & Awards

Colorado School of Dance presents the results of the exams with either achieved or progressing

and given to students prior to the FALL Enrollment date May 2, 2022, with the upcoming fall schedule.

  • Achieved  -   meaning the student achieved the coursework & will pass onto the next level.

  • Progressing - meaning the student is still progressing towards the next level.  (Teachers will contact parents after the exam, to recommend a plan for either a re-test, or additional referrals such as summer training or another year at this level.  This is to set the student up for the best personal success.  Students often stay at level due to technique or focus-readiness.

  • Medals - all students receive a "performance medal" when dancing in the year-end recital.